All in the numbers

All in the numbers, Number 13 – unlucky as ever
Spot the mistake; flats…11…12…12a…14…15…” Did you miss a count? No you didn’t. Be it a house number, or a floor number the practice of excluding the number 13 from any series is widely prevalent, as much today as it was in 1934. The number 13 is replaced with random alternatives like “12B” or they jump straight to “14”.

You wouldn’t think that people would let superstition put them off moving to number 13. Many first-time buyers would consider it a lucky omen to be able to get a foot on the property ladder at all. But with a reported one in 10 people afflicted by triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13), it seems that there is more than bricks and mortar at play when it comes to moving home.

The number 13 will always be a contentious number with many buyers and renters, the majority of purchasers even refuse to complete on Friday the 13th. And it is for reasons like this that the original developer of Onslow Court would not allow a number 13 in the address.