Onslow Court

It would be fair to describe Onslow Court as a spectacular example of Art Deco Architecture which was originally built as a purpose built block of flats in 1933. Located on the Eastern edge of Worthing on the seafront, it offered unrestricted sea views in a relatively tranquil setting for the time.

In 1934 Onslow Court had 30 flats available for rent, in 2013 this figure is now 32 flats. In the beginning, these flats were luxury apartments owned by Knight & Co. They were all available for rental only. One flat was occupied by the caretaker who took care of the building and the communal boiler. Long ago this ceased to be the case and this flat became available to rent and then later to purchase. One other flat was made into two and this brought the count to 32 flats as it is today.

It was designed by A. T. W. Goldsmith who was also responsible for several other buildings in Worthing.

The selling brochure of 1934 boasted central heating and constant hot water and fully fitted all electric kitchens with refrigerators, electric Lifts, luxurious bathrooms, sun balconies and wireless radio aerial points. The building still has a communal boiler supplying heating and constant hot water, this was replaced in 2012 with a state-of-the-art, gas fired boiler.

From the brochure, the text goes on to read: “The design and planning is in modern style in conformity with the present day demand for comfort and spaciousness and the construction is in accordance with the latest principles of sound resistance and sound proofing.” Onslow Court had cork composition floors (some flats still do) and a papier-mâché type covering on the walls.

“Every flat is a sun trap deriving the full benefit of Worthing’s record winter and summer sunshine. In the warm and cosy atmosphere of Onslow Court the dread of winter is forgotten, making that season one of the most attractive of the year. “

“There is ample cupboard space; in addition, each flat is allocated a useful storeroom in the basement. The kitchens are superb examples of efficiency and brightness, every flat has a rear entrance giving direct access to the service stairs. Automatic rubbish chutes are also provided. ”

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From the original brochure for Onslow Court

From the original brochure for Onslow Court