2013 – Major Works – Front Elevation Renovation

2013 saw the beginning of the external elevation restoration project. Clifford Dann, our managing agent at that time, guided the building through the painful process of restoring Onslow Court back to its former original glory. The project for Onslow Court has been split into phases that will take effect through the coming years.

The quantity of work required to bring sections of the building up to a higher standard has been considerable and the front of the building takes the brunt of the sea weathering and needed attention first. The costs have been high and in order to complete a successful programme of renovations it has been essential to phase the cost and the works. We have been greatly helped by the donation of a huge percentage of paint from Crown.

The phase one restoration works have taken in the principal south and west facing elevations of the building, and to extend to the north facing flank wall to west wing (that is the elevation adjacent rear access road). We have seen a great deal of new rendering and in some places concrete works too. The company that won the tender were BN Construction of Eastbourne.

All the ironwork has been replaced in this phase, including all the balcony handrails. Only a few of the original Art Deco handrails remained and BN found a foundry company to replicate this profile to bring the building back to its former glory.

Windows at Onslow Court are originally of Crittall steel. A planning application was submitted to change these to an aluminum window and balcony door that is a replica of the original; these are manufactured by Heritage Windows. They are less expensive and more energy efficient than the Crittall. There is currently a 5 year plan rolling out to replace these as and when. In this phase of works over half of the windows are being replaced by Heritage Windows.

Work commenced May 2013 finished November 2013 and included:
1) Render and concrete repairs
2) Wall tie and hellibar renewal
3) Renewal of all rainwater and waste cast iron
4) Paint and decorate
5) Renewal of railings. Bespoke hand-made balcony railings were made to replicate the original ‘Jazz’ style
6) New bespoke hand-made ONSLOW COURT lettering to south and west facades

Total cost £224,087,05 which includes an overspend of £35,039.25

Onslow Court undergoing the first phase of renovation July 2013

Onslow Court undergoing the first phase of renovation July 2013