Dogs on the Beach!

This only affects the town end of the beach, not the beach in front of Onslow Court

New dog flags on the beach! Worthing Borogh Council will also be making early morning and late evening patrols to dissuade dog walkers from using the area designated a dog free zone

The ban is in force on the area only between the two launch ramps at Goring and from Heene Road to the old Splash Point. This is in force from the 1st of May to the 30th


Original Bathroom Tiles

One of the flats at Onslow Court has recently carried out a major bathroom redesign and in the process several of the original Art Deco original vitreous tiles have been saved. Please contact via the contact form if you need any spares to match your own bathroom.
Subject title BATHROOM TILES

Onslow Court Art Deco original vitreous tiles.

Onslow Court Art Deco original vitreous tiles.