Future Works 2017 – 2020

Following a Lessees meeting in October 2016 Lessees requested a public domain document that outlined the future works and costs for owners of flats at Onslow Court. One of the concerns Lessees had about the development of Onslow Court was that it was difficult for someone thinking of investing in a property to understand the ongoing costs and what they related to.

By navigating the pages of the website it is possible to see how much each major works project has cost and when it was carried out.

The Reserve Fund element of the overall budget for Onslow Court finances all the restoration work, this capital investment by Lessees is put into the development of the building and is a continuous lasting capital asset.

Prior to 2012 no major works had been agreed or specified for over 13 years, leaving the building in a very poor state of disrepair after redecoration in 1998. In 2012 a small group of Lessees decided to ‘Right to Manage’ the building and started the renovation development by beginning with the boiler replacement.

2017/18 will see another major external works project start. This project will take in the whole renovation of the back elevation of the building. Surveyors in 2017 were preparing reports for HML Andertons and a start date for the major works to the back of the building is scheduled for May 2018. Please note that the works to the glass panels to the rear stairs did not take place in 2017 as stated in the HML Andretons letter below. This work is being carried out in 2018 as part of the rear works.

Follow the link below to read HML Andertons Projection of Works statement for Onslow Court.

HML Andertons Letter regarding future works at Onslow Court 2017 – 2020