2012 – Major Works – Replacement Communal Boiler

Prior to the phase 1 renovation project the communal boiler at Onslow Court had to be replaced. This took place in 2012. The old, oil fired boiler which was installed in 1965 was removed and a new highly efficient Feroli gas boiler was installed. The boiler supplies the entire building with constant hot water and central heating during the colder months.

The replacement included refurbishment of the cold water services plant too and in 2015 the cold water storage tanks were relined as the final phase of this work.

Total cost £219.300.00, the work commenced June 2012 finished November 2012.

In order to work on this vital part of the building a nursery boiler had to be installed in the car park for the duration of the works, the entire project took almost 6 months and the cooperation and patience of all the residents was a very big part of making this project less painful than it might have been. The boiler house is situated underground and the working conditions were very hard, many problems were encountered, not least the wrong kind of Asbestos in the linings of the old boiler and this resulted in a complete lock down and specialist showering units in the car park for on-site engineers.

Since the the boiler has been installed the building has seen its fuel bill fall from £80,000 (at its highest) a year for oil to under £30,000.